Wellness Wheel Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Wellness Wheel Worksheet?

In today’s busy and luxurious life, human beings feel something is missing. Life encompasses many aspects of life, which include spiritual, emotional, environmental, financial, social, physical, and intellectual well-being. These components form a wellness wheel. When human being wants to have a healthy way of living we must balance all 7 components. If you leave any of the domains untouched then it creates a sense of distress in life. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet can help clients learn about all the dimensions that are required to have a healthy way of living. It gives clients knowledge about all the important aspects and they can manage their life well by balancing this wheel properly i.e taking care of all the 7 domains and doing relevant activities that help them grow in each category of well-being   

 How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet is helpful for the client to identify neglected and essential areas of life to make their life balanced and healthy by every means. Instruct the client to read the items of each domain properly and rate themselves as 1 (if agree) otherwise 0(if disagree). They have to report items according to their practices regularly. Later they can assess themselves on their neglected domains. Further, they can do activity scheduling to fill those areas. Moreover, a circle has been given; by the use of different colors, the client can color 7 life areas (thus making the wheel) based on how well they are going for them. Less width would indicate the need to balance that area.

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