What is Anger? Worksheet

What is the theory behind the What is anger Worksheet?

Anger is an emotion that we normally consider a negative emotion but it is healthy when expressed appropriately in an appropriate amount it is negative when it is out of proportion and the ways of showing anger are inappropriate. However, it is important to know if the intensity, and way of expressing your anger are appropriate or not. Reflecting on your behavior in an angry situation is the best way to understand your way of anger better. 

How this worksheet can help you?

  1. What is anger worksheet can help you get an idea about your anger expression. 
  2. You can identify the behavior when you are angry and what are your triggers. 
  3. You can have insight into the physical symptoms you feel in the time of anger situation. 
  4. What impact do these symptoms cause on your overall behavior? Reflection on how you deal with anger and importantly what should be the better and healthy ways to deal with anger.

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet is best for people who face a struggle to control their anger and face problems in interpersonal relationships. Take some time out of your day. Sit in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Think of a recent situation when you got angry and answer the questions accordingly.  Keep yourself relaxed while thinking about stressful situations by practicing deep breathing.

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