What is cognitive behavioral therapy? worksheet

What is the theory behind the cognitive behavioral therapy worksheet?

Cognitive Behavioral therapy is the most commonly used talking therapy. According to Cbt, our thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and feelings are linked to each other. And we behave and feel how we think and perceive any event or situation. If our thinking pattern is negative or distorted, then we feel negative emotions more and this negativity also reflects in our behaviors as well. This lead to disturbed interpersonal relationships and occupational and social functioning. Understanding how Cbt works and applying it to your life can help you challenge your negative thought and beliefs and restructure them into positive ones. which will ultimately improve functioning and relationships.

How this cognitive behavioral therapy worksheet will help you?

This cognitive behavioral therapy worksheet will help you in many ways. Firstly, you will get a better understanding of how Cbt works. What are the domains of life that Cbt covers and how we can manage our problems with the help of this therapy. Secondly, you can get an idea of how we can challenge our negative thoughts and change them into positive ones. Thirdly, behavior techniques can help you manage behavioral symptoms. 

How do you use this worksheet?

This worksheet is a more informative worksheet. It gives you a better understanding of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how it works. You just need to be relaxed and free while reading and completing this worksheet. Just calmly read and understand every domain (cognitive, behavioral, ABC model). Look at the examples for better understanding and then fill it out accordingly.

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