What is Depression? Worksheet

What is the theory behind this What is Depression Worksheet?

Depression is a common mood disorder that is characterized by persistent feelings of extreme sadness, despair and hopelessness that forces an individual to withdraw from social life and all other activities they find pleasurable. It causes significant impairment not just in daily functioning but also their physical health as well. It is important to make people aware of what it really is so that they can receive or provide the right help when needed.  

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will provide general information about depression that can be used in public mental health campaigns to make the public aware of  this debilitating mental disorder when they must seek the right help. It can also help people analyse their own thoughts and behaviours for indication of any symptoms of depression and do the same for their loved ones as well. 

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet can be used as part of public mental health awareness campaigns to help individuals keep a check on themselves and their loved ones for signs of mental illness. It can be used along with information on other prevalent disorders in hopes that the right professional help is sought at the right time. 

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