Who’s in your circle worksheet 

What is the theory behind who’s in your circle worksheet?

The “Who’s in Your Circle” worksheet is frequently used in therapy and counselling settings to assist people in identifying the members of their social networks who support, mentor, and have a positive influence on them. This activity is based on the idea that people frequently have a variety of people in their lives who fill a variety of roles and have varying degrees of influence over their ideas, feelings, and behaviours. People can learn more about their relationships and establish plans for creating a more helpful social network by determining who is in their circle. Focusing on the good people in their lives and making an effort to improve such relationships also helps people.

How will this worksheet help?

The “Who’s in Your Circle” worksheet can be a valuable tool for helping individuals gain insight into their relationships, identify areas where they want to make changes, and develop strategies for building a more supportive social network. This can help in following ways:

  • Increased awareness: By identifying the people in their social network, individuals can gain a better understanding of the relationships they have and how they are impacting their lives. This increased awareness can help individuals identify patterns or areas where they may want to make changes.
  • Building support: By focusing on the positive people in their life, individuals can work to strengthen those relationships and build a more supportive social network. This can help individuals feel more connected and less isolated.
  • Identifying negative influences: It can also help individuals identify people in their lives who may be having a negative impact on their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. By identifying these individuals, individuals can work to limit their exposure to them or develop strategies for coping with the negative effects of their interactions.
  • Personal growth: This worksheet can help individuals take a step back from their life and evaluate the relationships they have, this can help them to develop self-awareness and reflect on their own behaviour and the role they play in their relationships.

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet is easy to use. People are asked to identify people and categorise them into different  groups on the basis of influence and closeness.

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