Worksheet for Married Couples

What is the theory behind this Worksheet for Married Couples?

In marital relationships usually, ups and downs are very common because two individuals are having a relationship and they are completely different from each other. The differences in ideas and attitudes bring conflicts in relationships if they are not addressed with an open heart. When partners fail to provide support and understanding to each other then the dilemma starts. These issues must be addressed on time otherwise marriages suffer a lot and in the end come to an end. If couples address their issues at the correct time it will provide healthy support to their marital relationship

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help clients identify their conflicts, it will help each partner look for their maladaptive behavior to create an insight. They can get more understanding of the paradigms of romantic relationships. They will begin to see each other’s perspective and it will promote healthy understanding in couples

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet will help clients assess their marital issues. Ask them to mention conflicts then ask them to write their negative cognitions about their partner and help them assess false assumptions about their partner by collecting evidence. In last inculcate positive actions by asking them to understand and accept their partner with their weakness and provide them more understanding and positive regard. 

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