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What is the theory behind this Worksheet for teachers?

Like any other profession, teaching also comes with plenty of stressors.Teachers work for lengthy hours than many other positions, which can cause burnout and stress. Furthermore, dealing with children and their limitations is also a strenuous job. Psychotherapeutic techniques can help teachers in regulating these stresses. Studies suggest that teachers good mental health is crucial for student’s mental health. 

How will the worksheet help?  

This worksheet will help the clients in the field of education to identify and label their stresses. They will also be able to device quick and short acting interventions to gain relief in their day to day life. The strategies you learn along the way will also help later in life, during times of stress.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, read the following table. Then in a relaxed, comfortable, distraction free space, write your responses. It will help you evaluate:

  1. The source of stress
  2. If its eutress (good stress) or distress (bad stress)
  3. Steps one can take to feel better

Discuss the table with your therapist after a week’s time.

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