Worksheet for weight loss

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What is the theory behind this Worksheet for weight loss?

Psychotherapy for weight loss can facilitate individuals having problems relating to obesity, to make positive changes in their life. It helps in improving one’s eating habits and behaviors, developing greater emotional stability, and building healthy self-esteem and relationship with food.

How will the worksheet help?    

This worksheet will help clients with weight-related issues in keeping track of their weight loss activities and having insight into the gains they will have once they reach their desired weight. The clients can also identify enablers and barriers of weight management.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, go through the form below after every week. Then put accurate values in the provided space. Have at least four copies of the worksheet that you can use for a month’s time. As a therapist, encourage healthy life choices, instead of fad diets or extreme exercise routines that are non-sustainable.

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