Worksheet for Youth Group

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What is the theory behind the Worksheet for Youth Group?

Counselling sessions conducted in groups can have many benefits specially for youngsters struggling to open up individual sessions. Sitting with like minded people who may be going through similar issues is a great way for youngsters to feel supported instead of isolated. IIt is always a good idea to start with some icebreaker activities to help the individuals get to know each other before delving into deeper issues. 

How will the worksheet help? 

This worksheet will provide some ideas to group counsellors and therapists to plan icebreaker activities for their youth group sessions. It will provide them with some basic activities that can be built on or modified according to the needs and goals of the group. For future planning the worksheet will also allow counsellors or therapists to leave their feedback at the end of each activity regarding any improvements or suggestions. 

How to use the worksheet? 

This worksheet can be used by counsellors or therapists planning group sessions with kids and teenagers to plan icebreaker activities. They can use any one or more of the provided activities as it is or modify them according to their need. Leaving feedback in the provided space can be helpful for future group sessions. 

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