Zig Ziglar goal setting worksheet

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What is the theory behind the Zig Ziglar goal-setting worksheet?

Achieving goals is like a journey with a thousand different challenges and lessons, but small and realistic steps and consistency are key to reaching your goals. If you are committed to those small steps you are more likely to achieve your goals successfully. Always remember, planning, deciding, exploring obstacles, and creating an action plan, all these efforts always pay you in the end. 

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet can help you in planning your goals more effectively and efficiently. These seven steps of goal setting help you set sensible and helpful goals for yourself. With the help of this worksheet, you can shape yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. By identifying your obstacle and support group you can learn to work on these obstacles in the form of a team. 

How to use this worksheet?

You can use this worksheet by downloading it either in digital form or in a hard copy. Before starting the worksheet, think of a goal that you want to set with the help of this seven-step zig ziglar worksheet. Complete the worksheet according to your goals. Seek help from your therapist, mentor or any supportive friend who can guide you. 

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