About Me Therapy Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this About Me Therapy Worksheet?

Group therapy is a type of psychotherapy that addresses specific disorders or general issues that are common among a group of people. These groups can have 5 to 15 clients at once with one lead counsellor or psychologist. Group therapy provides an individual with a strong support system, relatable peers and a new and fresh perspective on their issues. The first session however, can seem a bit daunting.

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will provide ideas about self-introduction icebreaker activities and questions that can be used to make first time clients comfortable in a group therapy session. They will help the participants get to know each other in fun ways and build rapport and trust.

How to use the worksheet?

The ideas in this worksheet can be used by counsellors, therapists or even teachers to make individuals in a group comfortable with each other before beginning group therapy or any other activities. They can be used in the beginning of the first group session.  

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