ACT Choice Point Worksheets ( 2 worksheets attached)

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What is the theory behind this ACT Choice Point Worksheet?

Choice point is a tool utilised in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to to make an individual aware of that particular moment in time where they have to make a crucial choice between value-consistent and value-inconsistent behaviour.  Awareness of the ‘choice point’ is crucial in determining how the individual will react to their distressing internal states. 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will provide a template for the Choice Point Model. It can help individuals identify behaviours that are consistent with their values and help in achieving them and behaviours that are inconsistent with their values and take them away from fulfilling them. This exercise will help them become aware of their choice points and what they can do to get unhooked from the default ‘away moves’. ’

How to use the worksheet?

Write down behaviours that are value-consistent in the ‘towards moves’  and those that are value-inconsistent in the ‘away moves’. These are behaviours that either take you away from the person you want to be or towards the person you want to be. When faced with a challenging situation, notice and write it down along with the accompanying thoughts and feelings. Refer back to your away and towards behaviour to mindfully make the better choice. 

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