ADHD Worksheet Activities

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What is the theory behind this ADHD Worksheet Activities?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that is mostly diagnosed in early to late childhood. Common symptoms include impulsive and hyperactive thoughts and behaviours and an inability to stay focused. There are many activities that can be used with Kids who have ADHD both to keep them busy and to teach them vital skills. The use of art activities or art therapy has shown considerable benefits in reducing and managing some of the symptoms.  Art can also be used as a relaxation exercise to control distractions. 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will teach kids with ADHD how to draw and colour ‘mandalas’ which are circles with geometric shapes in them. The process of making and colouring mandalas is known to enhance attention skills and reduce impulsive behaviours among other benefits in kids with ADHD. 

How to use the worksheet?

Ask the child to follow the guide to make their own mandala. Provide them with colours, crayons and markers to fill in their mandala however they like. Let them work on it independently  

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