Anxiety log worksheet

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What is the theory behind this anxiety log worksheet? 

An increasingly common assessment tool in the management of anxiety disorders is self-monitoring. It helps in being conscious of your actions and how they affect your surroundings. People who prefer Self-monitoring are more inclined to alter their conduct to fit or comply with the circumstance. Low self-monitoring individuals have a propensity to act in accordance with their own internal demands and sensations. One of the self-monitoring tools that assists clients in keeping track of specific targets, such as their own thoughts, physical sensations, emotions, and behaviours, is an anxiety log.

How will the worksheet help?

By increasing clients’ awareness of their experiences and the circumstances in which they occur, the anxiety log will enable clients to better understand their symptoms and challenges. Additionally, it aids the therapist in developing a thorough comprehension of the client’s issue.

How to use the worksheet?  

This worksheet can be used by a therapist during the initial session and then instruct clients to continue the worksheet at home. The recorded information should be disused in every session for the better understanding and treatment planning of the problem.  

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