Aroma Freedom Technique Worksheet

What is the theory behind the Aroma Freedom Technique Worksheet?

The aroma freedom technique is designed by a clinician psychologist, Dr. Benjamin Perkus. This is a form of therapy in which scented essential oils are used to shift your awareness from negative thoughts, beliefs, memories, and emotions to the positive side. It focuses on helping clients leave a negative mindset and shift to a positive approach towards life. 

How will this worksheet help you? 

This worksheet provides you with a step-by-step guide to the Aroma freedom technique. You can use this worksheet in your aroma therapy session or when you are applying it on your own. It will help you keep up with the steps and note how each step makes you feel. It will shift your attention from the negative side to a positive one and you’ll be able to start with a new healthy mindset. 

How to use this worksheet? 

This worksheet can be used by therapists as well as clients who want to apply aroma freedom techniques. Just start with the negative thoughts or beliefs that you are struggling with and answer all the questions. Shift your emotions into the positive side with the help of fragrance and then reflect on how this shifts your focus and experience towards positivity. 

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