Art Therapy Worksheet: Managing Emotions by Art Therapy

What is the theory behind Art Therapy Worksheet: Managing Emotions Through Art?

Some people find it difficult to communicate their feelings and thoughts verbally due to different reasons. Art therapy and creativity are a good idea for them to let emotions, and thoughts out, art gives them an outlet to convey their emotions that they find difficult to express.

How will this worksheet help you?

The art therapy worksheet is very helpful for you to express your emotions with the help of colors. It not only makes you aware of your feelings but also provides you with a medium to let your emotions out. It works as catharsis. This worksheet serves as a way of communication between the therapist and their clients and can be a great way of coping.

How to use this worksheet?

You need a hard copy of this worksheet and a few colors or paints. You can start with the emotion that you are feeling most of the time, fill the biggest box with the emotion you felt most and according to the frequency and intensity of your emotions, you can choose boxes to color. It will help you and your therapist understand your emotions and their thoughts.

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