Body Dysmorphic Disorder Treatment Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to support individuals with BDD by offering them a structured way to understand and manage their symptoms. It combines theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to reduce distress and improve self-perception.

What Are The Theories Behind This Worksheet?

The theories underpinning this worksheet are rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). CBT helps individuals identify and challenge distorted beliefs about their appearance and develop healthier thinking patterns. ACT encourages individuals to accept their thoughts and feelings rather than fighting them, promoting psychological flexibility. 

How Will This Worksheet Help You?

This worksheet is designed to guide you through understanding your thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors related to body dysmorphia. By engaging with the exercises, you’ll learn to identify distorted thoughts about your appearance, challenge these thoughts, and replace them with more realistic and positive ones. Additionally, it will offer strategies to decrease checking behaviors, and avoidant behaviors, and improve overall well-being.

How Should You Use This Worksheet?

Set aside a quiet time each day to work through the sections, reflect on the questions, and jot down your thoughts and responses. Consistency is key, so try to make this practice a routine. Remember, this worksheet is a tool for self-exploration and growth, not a replacement for professional therapy. It’s best used alongside therapy or as a broader treatment plan.

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