Building My Classroom Community Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

Building a community is an important element in a person’s life. If an individual learns how to build communities when they are young, it becomes a helpful habit as they grow. Communities can be built in different manners – from an individual (who is in your personal circle) and how these boundaries are created, to your family community, your school community, and later on, friend community, and work community.

Focusing on a classroom community is a golden opportunity to start developing interpersonal skills, empathy, conflict management skills, and communication skills.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet offers a teacher or facilitator some ideas to begin and maintain community-building opportunities within the classroom. A class that develops as a community shares a goal to learn and therefore works together to achieve this goal.

This approach can increase classroom management and decrease the number of discipline issues a teacher may experience.

How to use the worksheet.

As you plan your curriculum, think about the framework within which you are containing the class content. Is there a framework? If you choose a community-focused framework you can use the activities included in this worksheet as a springboard to making your class into a community.

Remember to consistently use these activities and reinforce the framework through out your teaching plans to secure the concept and practices for your students.

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