Catastrophic thinking worksheet 

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What is the theory behind this catastrophic thinking worksheet?

Catastrophic thinking is a common cognitive distortion in which an individual assumes the worst-case scenario in a given situation, leading to feelings of anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues. Psychotherapy enables individuals to identify their catastrophic thoughts, evaluate the evidence for and against them, and develop more rational and realistic interpretations of the situation, which can helps them in improving their mental health.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help the clients in managing their intense feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression by identifying and challenging their negative thought patterns. This will also provide a structured and supportive framework for individuals to practice cognitive restructuring techniques, which can be useful in a variety of stressful situation

How to use the worksheet?

To use this worksheet, identify a specific situation that triggers your catastrophic thoughts. Then write down your negative thoughts and assumptions related to the situation, and identify any evidence that supports or contradicts these thoughts. Keep this with you for day-to-day reminder.

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