CBT For Anxiety Worksheet

What is the theory behind this “CBT For Anxiety Worksheet”?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT, is based on an ideology that thoughts, beliefs, and actions have a direct impact on how we feel. We can evaluate and alter our thoughts, emotions and behaviors associated with anxiety inducing situations. 

 How will this worksheet help you?

Because we overestimate the likelihood of anything going wrong and overestimate how bad the potential repercussions might be, anxiety clouds our judgment. This worksheet will help you to identify your unreasonable thoughts and reduce your anxiety. 

How to use the worksheet?

Answer each question on the worksheet honestly and truthfully with yourself. Nothing ought to be hurried! Do this homework as you are talking to a psychologist. Once you’re done, you will feel better and empowered to deal with anxiety issues you have.

CBT For Anxiety Worksheet

What triggers your anxiety?Imagine you are faced with the anxiety-producing situation from above. Describe the…Imagine the worst outcome comes true. Would it still matter…Using your own “worst outcome” and “likely outcome” from above, describe your…
example: “giving a speech in front of a crowd” or “driving in rush hour traffic”Worst outcome: Best outcome: Likely outcome:1 week from now: 1 month from now: 1 year from now:Irrational thought: Rational thought:


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You can download this worksheet here.

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