CBT GAD Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this CBT GAD Worksheet?

Generalized anxiety disorder is one of the anxiety disorders which is followed by anxious anticipation of events, negative cognitions, and excessive concerns and worries related to upcoming situations. Patients diagnosed with Generalised anxiety disorders face difficulty controlling their worries. Therefore, cognitive behavioral therapy is an ideal choice to manage the symptoms which are the result of distorted thoughts and beliefs. Research has concluded that with the help of CBT, the pathological worries of patients with GAD can be changed into normal worries successfully. 

How will this worksheet help you?

CBT for Generalised Anxiety disorder worksheet can help patients with excessive anxiety, worries, and concerns. By identifying worries and concerns, clients can just simply acknowledge them After acknowledging their concerns and worries, clients can go deeper into their cognitions and reflect on the automatic thoughts and rigid beliefs that are the source of these worries and concerns. Evidence-based questioning help reduces patients’ anxiety and gives a sense of control over the situation.

How to use this worksheet?

Take some printouts of this digital copy and keep it with you. Complete this worksheet once or twice per week. Sit relaxed and comfortably and start completing this worksheet. If you feel any anxiety or disturbance while completing this worksheet, make sure you perform some breathing exercises and then resume filling out the worksheet. Give it a read after finishing it and reflect back on how your thoughts can be distressing for you even when the situation is not really threatening.

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