CBT Worksheet for Anxiety

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What is the theory behind this CBT Worksheet for Anxiety?

Anxiety is a distressing emotion that has the potential to hinder one’s functioning if it gets out of control. Some level of anxiety is healthy even, but extreme levels of anxiety bring along a host of physical, mental and behavioural symptoms that push an individual into a vicious cycle. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy aims to help individuals  with anxiety to break this vicious cycle by helping them identify and modify their unhelpful anxiety related thoughts and behaviours. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help clients struggling with anxiety to list down their behavioural responses to their anxiety and rate how effective they are at reducing their anxiety levels. This information can help therapists identify the client’s safety behaviours and which coping behaviour are actually detrimental for their anxiety in the long run.  

How to use the worksheet?

Instruct the client to observe and list down the behaviours that they engage in to reduce their anxiety levels or to avoid situations that trigger their anxiety levels. Tell them to rate the behaviours on a scale of 1 – 10 on how effective they are at reducing their anxiety.

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