Celebrating Recovery Step 2 Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Celebrating Recovery Step 2 Worksheet?

Celebrate Recovery refers to a 12-step program that focuses on helping individuals recover from a range of troubling mental health issues. It shares some of the principles of the famous Alcoholics Anonymous programs but is also more influenced by Christianity thus helping individuals recover and grow in line with the teachings of Christ. The second step in the program is an honest acknowledgement that one needs hope and intervention from a Higher Power to help one heal and grow. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet can help individuals seeking help for their addictions in the Celebrate Recovery Program. In this worksheet, individuals will reflect on what the concept of a Higher Power means to them. They need to reflect on how the hopeful characteristics of their Higher Power can help and guide them through the recovery process. 

How to use the worksheet?

Instruct the individual to complete this self-reflection exercise as part of step 2 of the program. They have to respond to the worksheet based on their image of their Higher Power. They have to elaborate on what the concept of a higher power means to them and how it can help them on their recovery journey. They can end the worksheet with a small prayer that they can rely on throughout their journey. 

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