Co parenting therapy worksheet

What is the theory behind this Co parenting therapy worksheet?

Co parenting is a collaborative effort of separated, divorced or unmarried parents to put aside their differences and raise their children. It requires them to come up with an agreeable plan to provide only the best for their children. They must set rules and routines and be willing to communicate and compromise where necessary. This collaboration can only move forward if both partners fully trust that the other will be a responsible parent and put in equal effort.

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help you highlight your thoughts about your partner so that they can be properly addressed in the next session. It is important that both of you trust each other’s strengths and remove any negativity or doubts.

How to use the worksheet?

Give the client some time to think about the questions before answering them as directed. Guide them to answer the questions specifically in the context of their partner’s or ex-partner’s role as a parent.

Co parenting therapy worksheet

Instructions: Answer the questions specifically in the context of your partner’s or ex-partner’s role as a parent.

According to you, what are three positive qualities of your partner or ex-partner?

What are the three things that worry you the most when you think about leaving your children with your partner?

What are your expectations from your partner/ex-partner in the context of co-parenting?


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You can download this worksheet here.

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