Cognitive Behavior Therapy For Elderly Worksheet

What is the theory behind this CBT Worksheet for the Elderly?

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a structured, short-term, and evidence-based treatment that enables people to identify the disturbing or dysfunctional thought patterns that negatively influence their emotions and behavior. 

Concerns among the elderly have many aspects that include major health-related issues, financial constraints, and the well-being of their loved ones that lead to anxiety and depression. Such anxious and depressive symptoms in older people are significantly improved with Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet helps individuals focus on their distressing thought patterns and change them into positive cognition to eliminate negative emotions and behavior. This will help reduce their anxiety and improve their mood.

 How to use the worksheet?  

Through this worksheet, people will be able to alter their faulty thoughts by answering the following questions by identifying, challenging, and replacing them with more objective, realistic thoughts, and desired behavior will also be learned.

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