Communication Log Template

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Video & audio overview of the template

What is the theory behind the template?

Ensuring you have all communications, whether actual sessions or electronic communications, will help you keep accurate records. These records are best practice and may be a legal requirement depending on where you are practicing.

The record can also help document any questions, emergencies, payment reminders, etc. that occur for future referencing. 

How will the template help?

This template allows a mental health practitioner a simple method to record all electronic communications with their client.

The template can be kept in the client file and updated when communications take place.

How to use the template?

Use the template to help you organize your records of communication with your client. If you have any communications with someone regarding your client (such as a family member or fellow health practitioner) you can document this in the template as well.

Remember that if you are receiving or sharing information you will need an information release form.

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