Coping Skills for Alcohol Cravings  

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What is the theory behind these Coping Skills for Alcohol Cravings Worksheet?

Excessive alcohol consumption has been found to be the result of avoidant coping and finding escape from problems. Initially many individuals drink as a coping mechanism, but later on, they become addicted to it. Research suggests that if individuals adopt better coping to deal with their cravings and withdrawal symptoms, they can work on the recovery process.

How will the worksheet help?

Individuals who consume alcohol regularly and excessively experience strong cravings . Individuals may see it as a problem and practice abstinence, however, the strategies they use are not as effective or not followed regularly. This worksheet will help individuals learn about easy and helpful techniques to deal with their alcohol cravings.

How to use the worksheet?

Individuals will be required to first identify their current coping strategies. Afterwards, they can review some convenient ways to deal with their cravings effectively. A few examples of these strategies include, delaying the craving, employing distraction techniques, substituting the alcohol with a non-alcoholic drink etc.

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