Couples Goal Setting Worksheet

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Building a strong and fulfilling relationship takes effort, communication, and shared goals. This worksheet is designed to help you and your partner explore your aspirations and work together to achieve them.

What Are The Theories Behind This Worksheet?

Attachment theory suggests that early attachment experiences influence how we connect with our partners. By setting shared goals, you can create a secure and supportive environment that fosters a deeper emotional connection. Based on the research of Dr. John Gottman, this worksheet encourages you to address potential relationship pitfalls and build strategies to overcome them, thereby promoting a healthier partnership.

How Will This Worksheet Help You?

By discussing your goals openly and honestly, you’ll enhance your communication skills and better understand each other’s desires. Setting common goals helps you and your partner align your aspirations, fostering a sense of unity and purpose in your relationship.

How Should You Use This Worksheet?

Sit with your spouse in a comfortable place and keep the handouts of this worksheet with you. Grab a cup of tea and pen and start answering the prompts. Discuss with your spouse and identify potential conflicts. Revisit your goals regularly and track progress.

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