Couple’s Vision Board Worksheet

Video & audio overview of the worksheet

What is the theory behind the worksheet?

A couple’s vision board is a physical representation of goals that you are setting as a couple. This is a way to discuss what you want to achieve and experience in your relationship and reflect upon the highlights that you have experienced. A couple’s vision board can create excitement for the future and appreciation for each other.

Creating a vision board together is a way to build intimacy and develop a shared vision of the relationship’s future.

How will the worksheet help?

Following the prompts in the worksheet will help you create a helpful couple’s vision board that can be used to monitor the progress of how you are achieving your goals as a couple. A vision board is also visually appealing and motivating, which encourages you to both work toward these goals to strengthen your relationship.

How to use the worksheet?

Gather your art supplies, photos, magazines, inspirational quotes, and whatever else you might need. Sit together and create the vision board. Use the prompts in the worksheet to create a helpful and detailed vision board.

Have fun during this activity, it should lift your mood and make you feel connected as your excitement rises for the future of your relationship.

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