Relationship Building: Shared Qualities Worksheet 

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What is the theory behind this Relationship Building: Shared Qualities  Worksheet?

Individuals seeking couples therapy to improve or mend their relationship are too focused on the things that have been pulling them apart. In the process, they tend to forget the positive aspects of their relationship such as the activities, values, goals, habits etc. that they love to share with the other. Some of these things are what brought them together in the first place but unfortunately have been pushed aside with time. Reminding them of the good aspects can be a good way to motivate them to make efforts to save their relationship. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet can help individuals seeking couples therapy to think about all the positive aspects of their relationship that brought them together or attracted them to each other in the first place. This worksheet will give them a much-needed break from continually being negative about the other person and may even serve to motivate them to keep working on saving this relationship. 

How to use the worksheet?

Instruct both the individuals to reflect on their relationship since it first began and write down the responses together. They can even put up the worksheet somewhere it is easily visible to help steer their thoughts and emotions in a positive direction whenever they are fighting or arguing. 

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