Daily Self Love Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Daily Self-love worksheet?

The idea behind self-love means that a person has gratitude, appreciation and for the self. Healthy self-concept and self-compassion are both strongly associated with healthy self-love. Understanding your worth and treating oneself with kindness will also determine how we will be treated in our relationships. Healthy self-love is different from being self-obsessed. By loving ourselves, we honor ourselves and remind ourselves that we are worthy of love from within and from the people we love.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you practice a healthy dose of self-love. It will give you the gentle reminder that if we practice self-love, people will be able to fulfill their roles and responsibilities in the best way possible. A daily dose of self-love is supremely important for healthy self-esteem and self-compassion.

How to use the worksheet? 

This worksheet requires you to think about your positive qualities, while giving positive feedback to yourself. Make it a daily routine by practicing small acts of self-love. Remember, “You only take care of what you love!”

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