DBT Techniques for BPD Worksheet 

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What is the theory behind this DBT Techniques for BPD Worksheet?

Individuals with borderline personality disorder have emotional distress to overcome this they use maladaptive coping which creates more distress and has a negative impact on their daily living. DBT is another form of CBT whose area of emphasis is the psychosocial functioning of individuals, worksheet is designed on aspects of distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and mindfulness to deal with highly emotional situations  

How will the worksheet help?

It will help you deal with your maladaptive coping and shift it to positive ones. Will help you live in the moment, process your emotions and increase your tolerance level to deal with situations better.  

How to use the worksheet?

The therapist should facilitate the client throughout the filling process. First, make them understand distress tolerance by explaining possible interventions to achieve it. Then explain emotional regulation and ask them to answer open-ended questions. Lastly, practice mindfulness by filling out related columns. 

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