Decisional balance worksheet for substance abuse

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What is the theory behind the Decisional balance worksheet for substance abuse?

Making a decision is not a simple task. It needs a lot of energy and fine decision-making skills to make a healthy decision. However, people do not consider any problem-solving skills while making a decision and regret it later. It’s better to identify the potential pros and cons of any decision you are making so you are very clear and prepared about it. 

How will this worksheet help you? 

This worksheet will help you in solving your decision problems. it mainly aims to work with patients who want to make a change in their lives but are unsure about the pros and cons of it. It can help you in writing down the benefits and costs of making change and not making change. This will help you in identifying which decision is best for you and which decision brings more costs than benefits. 

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet can be completed when you are confused about a decision and you are unable to figure out what to do. You just simply need to follow the instructions given on the worksheet and write down as many things as they come to your mind. Share with your therapist, explore the consequences with him/her, and then take your decision calmly. It will help you be more specific about your decisions. 

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