Establishment of Therapeutic Alliance Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this worksheet?

The worksheet works around the theory of Objective self-awareness as the counsellor assesses himself against standards that provide a measure of his current level of therapeutic alliance. 

The worksheet also utilizes the Learning Theory as after assessing one’s self, the counsellor to a certain degree will have a perspective of where he currently is in terms of his establishment of the therapeutic alliance. This awareness will motivate him to practice more and consequently “learn” about being better in the establishment of therapeutic alliances. 

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet provides a measure of the counsellor’s present status in his establishment of the therapeutic alliance. The activities in the first column are common activities done to ensure a therapeutic alliance. The counsellor rates himself against these standards and will give him a picture of where he currently is.  

How to use the worksheet? 

The utility of this worksheet is just like any self-rating tool. Objectively, the counsellor will only have to measure his current practice with that of the list of activities and rate the frequency of how he performs such activities. 

The rating per item will be reflected in the third column labelled “score”. After scoring all the items, the counsellor gets the total score and a corresponding description for the total score is provided below the rating sheet.  This gives the counsellor a gauge of his therapeutic alliance skills.  

For further improvement, the counsellor may look at the items where he scored low and use them as a basis for development.  He may re-assess himself after six months if he has improved.

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