Family Ecomap Template

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Video & audio overview of the template

What is the theory behind the template?

Using an ecomap and a genogram is helpful because they offer a visual representation of the family of the client. An ecomap includes other systems that surround the client including work/school, friends, social activities, or interventions.

An ecomap allows a practitioner to see how the energy flow is directed (whether from the client or to the client) and what quality this relationship is for the client. This is useful information when conceptualizing the client and developing a treatment plan.

How will the template help?

This template will help a practitioner create an ecomap for their client. This can be helpful for the practitioner to understand the possible assets and challenges faced by the client. This information will influence the suggested treatment plan.

How to use the template?

This is a template for a basic ecomap. Use the key provided to create your client’s ecomaps. It can be helpful to create the ecomap with your client as this allows them to visualize their surrounding relationships which can encourage reflection. 

You are welcome to adjust the template to suit your specific needs and manner of working.

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