Finding Joy Worksheet 

What is the theory behind this Finding Joy Worksheet?

People usually want to experience joy in their daily lives, but it can sometimes feel unattainable because of their dampened mood and coping deficits. Still, some people seem to be happy in the most mundane situations, which strengthens their social bonds and elevates their happy feelings. However, their willingness or mindset enables them to learn to find greater joy in their daily life and may have a lasting positive impact on their both physical and psychological well-being, as mental health can help to boost your immune system. 

How will this worksheet help?

This workbook provides children and adults with how to maintain their joy by finding them in focusing on the good things that are constantly present but often go overlooked. Being grateful and resilient can be learned from this worksheet.

 How to use the worksheet?  

Fill out this worksheet by listing situations where you feel joyful. It includes things, people, or places that truly have a positive impact on you and this exploration of joy makes you identify the reason for your joy that you can be grateful for, so try to focus on the positives about your daily life while using this worksheet.

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