First Day at High School Worksheet

What is the theory behind this First Day at High School Worksheet?

The first day at High School might be difficult or stress-provoking for individuals who have faced bullying or undergo other anxieties like inhibiting social interactions or being competitive etc. Therefore, they might have unfavorable preconceptions about the first day of school. On the other hand, studies revealed that decreasing high school student’s academic stress can boost student’s overall productivity. To achieve their future objectives, social skills, and stress management would also be helpful.

How will this worksheet help?

It helps the individual assess whether he is susceptible to any challenges or helps him gain a better awareness of his feelings. This is going to help in determining useful strategies for problem-solving and enable them to cope effectively in difficult situations. 

How to use the worksheet?  

This worksheet has given some questions about the situation, what are your thoughts, and how you felt in that situation. Just simply answer these questions and reflect on the situation and emotions you felt. You can also assess your future plan based on your current experience.

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