Gratitude Worksheet for Middle School

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What is the theory behind the Gratitude Worksheet for Middle School?

The theory behind this worksheet is Cognitive Behavioral as the tasks encourage the counselee to remember, think, and assess past experiences and associations with specific persons.  The counselee will also think of ways how to show gratitude to these persons through actions and this is where the behavioural aspect of the worksheet comes in. Furthermore, the change in the level of gratefulness of the counselee is a measure of both cognitive and behavioural change in the counselee. 

How will this worksheet help?

Though very simple as it only requires you to remember names, it is in a way complex as you have to associate an experience in which you are grateful to a certain person. This will help the person retrieve memories associated with gratitude. According to Thorndike’s Learning Theory, the more you practice a thing, the more you will be better on it. With the 26 letters in the alphabet, each letter will help in forming a habit of gratitude in the counselee in the course of the completion of the worksheet. 

How to use the worksheet? 

As mentioned above, the counselee has just to think of a person whose name starts with the letter “A”. He then thinks of an experience to which he is thankful to that person whose name starts with “A”.  He then would think of a way how to show his gratitude to that person. The counselee only has to do the same process on the rest of the letters of the alphabet. 

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Please note: There may be a more up-to-date and editable version of this worksheet available here which may be more suitable to present to clients if you are a therapist or to use in a classroom as a teacher or guidance counselor.

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