Health and Fitness Goals worksheet

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What is the theory behind Health and Fitness Goals worksheet?

The health and fitness goals worksheet is designed to help you be specific about your goals. Sometimes we are very motivated and with the best intentions but we failed to attain our goals. Getting help from a professional or using worksheets like this health and fitness plan worksheet can help you attain your goal. 

How will this worksheet help you?

This health and fitness goals worksheet can help you be specific about your goals. It will give your goals a direction and you will be able to measure the progress of your goals. This worksheet will assist you in defining your goal, making an action plan, and planning for the challenges in advance. You can identify the motivation behind your goals and use them for fueling yourself in the time of demotivation.

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet can be used with your counselor, nutritionist, health care practitioner or just by yourself. This worksheet contain items that will define your health and fitnees goals, your strategy plan and your motivations behind the goals. You just need to complete these items one by one and be very specific about it. After completing read the worksheet to see if it really cover all the aspects of your planned goals.

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