Illness anxiety worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Illness anxiety worksheet?

People with illness anxiety tend to have recurring thoughts about having or catching a physical illness. Even when they try to focus their attention somewhere else and tell themselves to not think about the illness, the thoughts keep coming back with even greater intensity. 

How will the worksheet help?

The purpose of the illness anxiety worksheet is to postpone illness related worries by scheduling a time, during which they allow their mind to worry. Locking the worry in the worry locker for a later period of time will reduce overthinking by knowing that they have locked away the worry and have the option of coming back to it at a later time.

How to use this worksheet?

Designate the same time and duration to have these thoughts every day. After a week of locking worries, ask the client the following questions: 1)What happened to the worries you postponed? 2) Are the worries still present? 3)Did you open the locker at the designated time?

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