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What is the theory behind this Inner Critic Worksheet PDF?

The inner critic refers to the critical self-talk that all humans are prone to at one time or the other. It’s the voice inside our head criticising, judging and making us feel incompetent even when reality says otherwise. How affected we are by our inner critic ultimately depends on the amount of attention we pay to it. People who actively challenge such negative self-critical thoughts and make efforts to reframe them into positive ones are likely to be unaffected negatively. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help individuals, who are overly self-critical of themselves, gain a deeper insight into their inner critic. It will help them become more observant of what their inner critic usually says to them and in what situations. Doing so would help them become more mindful of catching the automatic negative self-talk when it occurs and giving it a positive spin before it begins to control their subsequent thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 

How to use the worksheet?

Instruct the individual to be more observant of their inner critic by noticing what it says in which situations. Also, tell them to write about how their emotions are affected by the inner critic and the reframed positive thoughts. In the end, tell them to write down a list of questions that they can use immediately to challenge their inner critic in any situation.

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