Jay Earley self therapy worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Jay Earley self therapy worksheet?

Jay Earley’s self therapy is a psychotherapy that we can administer on ourselves without the help of a facilitator. It describes self consisting of multiple subpersonalities. These personalities have their own perspective, feelings, memories, goals, and motivations. For example, one part of you might be trying to write a book, and another part might want to binge watch Netflix. Some personalities are very common among individuals like, the Inner Critic, the Pleaser, the Angry Part, the nurturing mom/ caretaker or the needy baby etc. Some parts are evident while some are in exile, i.e. they are hidden in the unconscious behind a curtain.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help the client in working on their problematic subpersonalities. The goal of self therapy is to make clients empathetic and loving towards these personas. This will help in identifying and working with them for a change.

How to use this worksheet?

Choose one of your parts that you want to work on right now. Imagine that you are in a situation in which the part is activated. Do this in a distraction free place. Try to access the part by imagining the feeling, image, body, and internal voice of that personality. Write down what you experience. You can take help from the given examples. 

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