Journaling for Mental Health Worksheet

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One of the effective strategies for good mental health is to stay positive and calm. It requires one to look at, reflect on, and write down the positives of daily living. Thus, journaling specified as a positive journal will not only help people have a progressive approach but also direct them to influence others in promising ways by feeling good and thinking optimistically.  

What Are the Theories Behind This Worksheet?

The three-component model of CBT is a well-versed model for the idea that your thoughts influence your emotions, and emotions, in turn, influence your behaviors. Thus, it aligns well with keeping a record of positive experiences to enhance the effectiveness of looking up for the positive happening in the day and writing them down to have personal reflection governing respective direction in life. Also, this perspective has evidence-based applicability in understanding and changing the thought patterns of individuals or helping them feel better. 

How Will This Worksheet Help you?

The benefit of this worksheet is to help one find the positives of life that will further bring positive reflection or thought processing, resulting in positive behavior and a healthy approach towards life. 

How Should You Use This Worksheet?

This worksheet is effective for those who want to keep track of daily happenings, find positives, multiply them as a motivating factor to stay positive, and spread positivity.

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