Let’s Talk about Fears Worksheet

What is the theory behind the Let’s Talk about Fears Worksheet?

Fear and phobia are natural reactions to certain situations, everyone has their fears. Escaping and avoiding your fears can reinforce and strengthen your fears, however, facing and fighting them can help you cope with them and eliminate them from your life. This worksheet is designed on the same principle, to expose you to your fears in the least threatening way possible

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet is a way to expose yourself to your fears in the least threatening way. It will help you recall your old ways of coping with your fears and what are the new coping strategies that you can use to face your fears. This worksheet will help you in preparing yourself to face your irrational fears and become more confident about yourself.

How to use this worksheet?

You can start this worksheet when you are relaxed and free. You just need to think of a fear that scares you the most and keep answering every question gradually. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, stop take some deep breaths, and get back to it when you are ready. It will be more helpful if you complete this worksheet during the session.

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