Medication Records Template

Video & audio overview of the template

What is the theory behind the template?

Medication often forms part of a psychiatric process, however, it may take a few attempts to find the correct combination of medication and the correct dosage.

Ensuring all medication tried is documented can help a practitioner find the most effective treatment optimally.

There is also the benefit of having documentation of medication history for chronic care.

How will the template help?

This template will help the practitioner keep medication records, this can be started with the intake process or a psychiatric interview.

This template will be stored in the client file to help with efficient continuity throughout the treatment process.

How to use the template.

This template can be used together with an explanation of why medication is helpful and a client medical record template to support the addition of medication to a treatment intervention.

Important to note: This is a template and as such is a general guide, it will need to be tailored to your specific practice and legal requirements.


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