Mental health adolescent worksheet

What is the theory behind this Mental health adolescent worksheet?

The adolescent years are wrought with many physical and psychological changes that makes teens vulnerable to developing mental health issues. This is a crucial time to teach them key mental health skills that they can perfect and utilise in the coming years. 

Teaching problem solving skills to adolescents can ensure they grow up confident in their own abilities. It teaches them to respond to their problems in a productive way as opposed to just reacting to them. It can go a long way in making them capable, self-reliant individuals in society.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help adolescents learn the ABCDE model for problem solving skills. It is an easy to remember decision making or problem solving model that can help them immensely in learning to work through a series of steps in order to solve their problems. 

How to use the worksheet?

Demonstrate the use of the worksheet with an example before handing it over to adolescent clients seeking help for mental health issues or simply being educated about key mental health skills. Instruct them to practise this model whenever they are faced with a difficult situation or problem that seems impossible to solve. 

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