Mental health warning signs worksheet

What is the theory behind this Mental health warning signs worksheet?

Psychological disorder refers to a broad scale of issues and difficulties regarding an individual’s mental health. However, there are some common signs and symptoms that occur to an individual when their mental health starts to deteriorate. Not paying attention to these warning signs and dealing with them at the right time can worsen the mental distress, thus leading to a psychological disorder.

How will the worksheet help?

Through this worksheet, clients will be able to get awareness regarding the mental health related warning signs and symptoms. This can help them to be vigilant and productive towards their mental health.

How to use this worksheet?

Below, every circle contains a warning symptom with a checkbox. mark (✔) if you have experienced the symptoms. in the reflective questions below, write the details of the symptoms and answer all the questions accordingly.

Mental health warning signs worksheet

Write down the symptoms you have been feeling from the above mentioned list
Are there any other symptoms you have been feeling that are not on the list? Write below
When have you started experiencing the warning signs for the first time?
Describe any event (in your opinion) that resulted in the emergence of these warning signs?
Respond with complete honesty, how much do you focus and take time out for your daily nutritional diet, hygiene, recreation and rest?


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You can download this worksheet here.

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