Motivational Interviewing worksheet 

What is the theory behind the Motivational Interviewing worksheet?

Motivational interviewing is a foundation for change for the people in the course of recovery. It puts an individual into a position where they can make a case for change. Motivational interviewing is more likely to encourage people to commit to different behaviors that bring change in their lives 

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet provides an opportunity to bring change in life by answering these open-ended questions. It encourages individuals and enhances their motivation to bring change. It will also encourage you to find a motivation to make positive behavior change. This will help you in the process of recovery and improve your ability to grow and change. 

How to use this worksheet? 

This worksheet is editable, fillable, and printable. You can download it and start your journey of change. Read every item carefully, answer why it is important and what’s your hidden motivation behind it. Rate every item honestly and reflect back on your answers. 

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