Moving Forward In The Recovery Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the Moving Forward in Recovery worksheet?

Achieving our goals and sobriety is not an easy task, it’s a lifestyle change. Not only our physical state but our thoughts and feelings also changed in this process. However, long-term success can only be achieved if we move forward in our life with a proper plan and goals and keep the process of our healing and recovery maintained. Making realistic goals and being optimistic about them bring change in our lives and ease the process of recovery. 

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet will help you in creating a plan that will help you in moving forward in your life and ensure long-term success. The healing process takes strength and effort. With this worksheet, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses that you want to work on. And you’ll be able to see what changes this moving forward goal is bringing to your life. 

How to use this worksheet

This worksheet is to be completed by keeping a time period in your mind and a very specific goal that you want to achieve in your life. The time period can be a month, six months, or years. You just need to keep this goal in mind and complete the worksheet accordingly. It will help you in identifying many important aspects that you’ll need to address while achieving your goal (i.e., your strengths, weaknesses, action plan, the importance of your goal in recovery, etc).

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