Narcotic Addiction recovery worksheet

What is the theory behind the Narcotic Addiction recovery worksheet?

Like any other addiction, narcotic addiction is also very harmful and has negative consequences for a person’s health, functioning, and interpersonal relationships. Recovery from this addiction also brings challenges and you need plenty of motivation to pass your recovery process smoothly. Therefore, accepting the negative consequences and identifying the reasons for change plays an important role.

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet will help you in your narcotic addiction recovery process by helping you identify the negative and positive outcomes the addiction brought to you. With this worksheet and the given example in it, you will be able to generate the alternatives for the positive points and finally, you can mention the reasons for your change, to remind yourself why you are doing it.

How to use this worksheet?

Sit and relax, take some time out from your routine, and read the worksheet carefully. The example can help you in how to complete the worksheet. Answer all three sections of the worksheet and reflect back on your answers. Encourage yourself to use the healthy alternatives in your life from now on. 

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